Spark Renewables - Your Renewable Energy Partner

About Us

Spark Renewables Ltd is a multi disciplinary company with a range of technical, financial and business skills involved in the energy and  market. We develop energy projects in the wind and solar sectors as well as providing consultancy services to a broad array of clients.

What we do

We are involved in the development of energy projects in the wind and solar energy markets. This includes initial feasibility, site development including planning and electrical connectivity, through to financial management and energy supply.

From a wind perspective, we concentrate on projects in the mid turbine range that yield sustainable rates of return for investors and provide consistent revenue streams over the life of the project. We offer land owners a partnership model, whereby Spark Renewables will handle all aspects of a wind energy project from planning through procurement and installation to plant operation.

We are also involved in Distributed Generation whereby energy assets are employed within industrial clients. As well as wind turbines, rooftop solar installations are a viable option offering stable returns and cost savings.

Spark Renewables is an independent company with relationships with all the industry stakeholders and brands. We specify the best technology to suit the characteristics of particular sites to ensure the project will deliver the best returns for its stakeholders.

We also offer consultancy services to a broad range of stakeholders in the industry.

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