Wind Energy

Spark Renewables are involved in the development of wind energy projects along the complete value chain in both green field and distributed generation scenarios. This includes;

  • Landowner legal issues such as option and lease agreements.
  • Planning permission
  • Site feasibility including anemometry, noise studies, shadow flicker, etc
  • Grid connection
  • Turbine procurement and installation 

Solar Energy

With technology enhancements and price reductions, solar energy has become a viable investment for industrial clients to implement on available rooftops. This unobtrusive installation can offset your grid demand, provide security of supply and return significantly on your investment. Spark Renewables can manage the entire process including site auditing to ensure system design offers maximum returns. 


Spark Renewables offers a consultancy service in the regulatory, technical and financial aspects of the energy market. The company has built up a strong network of contacts in all aspects of the industry, with stakeholders in the following areas;

  • Industrial energy users
  • Community groups
  • Energy agencies
  • Government bodies
  • Technology providers
  • Research & Development